A list of friends, colleagues and convivial places, subject to unending flux, revision and expansion.

Scholars and Dreamers

  • Beckie Broadbent: a philosopher-poetess and former Durham postgrad.

  • Guy Bennett-Hunter: according to his previous blog, aspiring to ‘something like the decadence of Huysmans crossed with the amiable pedantry of Borges’.

  • Recent Items: where Jeff Lee’s interests are currently taking him.
  • Conflict Antiquities: shares my research interest in cultural heritage; adds an interest in ‘organised crime and political violence’. Meaning the study thereof, I think. See also (Un)free Archaeology, on exploitative labour practices in archaeology and heritage work.

Gamers and Delvers

  • GlitterBerri: translating buried nuggets in and about Japanese video games.

  • Unseen64: cataloguing how some video games never get released and others change before they do.

Defying Categorisation

  • yarb: if you enjoyed my meandering mixture of topics, try this.

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