Ink Losing

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From the consultation on digital identity verification:

Inclusion is at the heart of GOV.UK One Login. The proposed data-sharing legislation will ensure that more people than ever before will be able to prove their identity online and access government services, so that anybody who wants to use online services is able to.

Also from the consultation:

Our preference would be for you to respond online through our survey. We cannot accept postal responses to this consultation unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Database Stale

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Has the threat of the database state ever involved people who actually understood databases and how to maintain them?

Defined as Fine

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Bad news for researchers in museum ethics, whose field is now officially redundant: ICOM has announced that museums operate ethically by definition.

It must have startled the sector’s numerous internal critics to learn that they can’t do that any more.

So There

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From a Wikipedia page: [by whom?][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][excessive citations]


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Well, at least one can hardly accuse this ethicist of mere armchair philosophising:

A man with a neurodegenerative disease testified to [the Canadian] Parliament that nurses and a medical ethicist at a hospital tried to coerce him into killing himself by threatening to bankrupt him with extra costs or by kicking him out of the hospital, and by withholding water from him for 20 days.

Of course, what one really wants to know is missing, i.e. was the ethicist a utilitarian?