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I recently got the editorial board’s comments on a textbook chapter. It seems somebody named James Petrik had fun with the draft:

On ‘Heidegger’s hammer’: ‘Here’s a tangent. My older brother, who happens to know a bit of philosophy, often said that he thought there was room in professional wrestling for a philosophical villain. He imagined that this wrestler would be managed by the Heideggirls and rant about there being no Geworfen like being Geworfen over the top rope. I now know what his signature move might be called!’

On ‘giblets and blood-clouds’: ‘I love this turn of phrase! Sounds like the name of a restaurant Ron Swanson might patronize in Parks and Recreation.’

(I’m reminded in turn of an educational programme from French class, in which ‘Le Café des Abattoirs’ got a rebrand; Google is telling me that nowadays this is the name of an actual establishment in Paris. Perhaps that’s where today’s Parisian intellectuals go for meaty conversation.)

Update: apparently it’s the title of something else too:

R.F.J. Seddon :: OvARtaken

…Owing to publishing lead times, the book is due out next April, but my chapter has been drafted and revised already, back when it was clear I ought to mention Augmented Reality but the latest topical example…

Thursday 8th September, 2016 2:09 pm

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