Link’s Enlightenment

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Two old, two new, and please don’t mention sprite colour limitations.

Weird Mr. Write (Link’s Awakening) as Descartes

The courier waits as Descartes composes a letter to Princess Elisabeth.

Mario (Super Mario Bros.) as Nietzsche

Not a very philosophical emphasis, I admit; but Super Mario/Übermensch jokes would have been too obvious.

Asellus (SaGa Frontier) as Simone de Beauvoir

I settled on Asellus/Beauvoir partly because of the admixture of blood in Asellus’s story, and partly because arguably it also has existential themes.

Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country) as Socrates

I imagine Socrates provoked facial expressions like those when questioning people. In retrospect, though, Diogenes would have been much more fitting...

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