The Glorious New Student-Led Market In Higher Education...

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An ‘I ♥ Foucault’ graffito in Durham
Anticipatory student graffiti in Durham

...apparently looks like this:

The BBC understands that the review [sc. by Lord Carlile of ‘radicalisation’] will call for universities to have a bigger role in the pastoral care of their students. That means a closer relationship with students and keeping a closer eye on those who may be vulnerable.

At the same time, academic staff may apparently be expected to ‘analyse essays and work submitted by students to spot troubling or revealing ideas’ (at least moral philosophers should have a head start), with a possible view to ‘a traffic light system of assessing and monitoring students of concern’. A funny sort of closeness.

At the same time, we are hearing that British higher education is to become the hunting ground of the student-consumer, and universities should vigorously compete for the affections of their clients. A tricky position to reconcile with genuine pastoral care.

At the same time, we have enough trouble merely trying to identify plagiarists and teach oversubscribed modules.

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