The Modern Namesake of a Legendary King and the Ancient Remains at Stonehenge

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You can learn surprising things at academic conferences, and at one of them some comments on Stonehenge gained a contribution from a delegate in the audience who had had experience of negotiating with druids. Also, if memory serves, with other druids who were disinclined to talk to the first lot of druids. This is doubtless not ideal publicity for modern druidism, but it does seem fair to say that at least one druid is bringing a raising of eyebrows upon himself.

Self-styled druid King Arthur Pendragon wanted the [human] remains found in 2008 to be reburied immediately... King Arthur Pendragon’s claims were rejected at the High Court.

There are of course important questions raised in this case. Do modern druids enjoy even a prima facie priority in judging what should be done with (any kind of) ancient remains? What is the significance of reburial after exhumed human remains have been subject to scientific examination for however many years? Most crucially, will the legal citation be to King Arthur Pendragon v. Regina?

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