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I can well believe that whatever is in store for higher education will be carnage (I’m especially wondering what recruitment caps for ‘low value’ subjects would mean for cross-subsidy), but I’m wondering what to make of this:

Tuition-fee cuts or number controls – which one vice-chancellor suggested could hurt institutions in northern England such as Teesside University in Middlesbrough or Durham University’s campus in Stockton – would run into opposition...

Which is followed by this:

This article was amended on 25 May 2021 to clarify that comments related to the possible impact of cuts on Teesside University or Durham University’s campus in Stockton were not made by the institutions themselves. An incorrect reference to Durham’s “expansion to” Stockton was also changed. It has had a presence there for several years.

I was under the impression that the University had decided several years ago to relocate the Stockton colleges to Durham, and that by now Queen’s Campus was mainly the site of a preparatory centre for international students.

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