The Least of Our Worries

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  • Robert’s recent concerns about exam questions:

    • Whether a question about ‘how Western Humanist thought has been used to either legitimise or challenge racism and colonialism’ would be read as inclusively or exclusively disjunctive.
    • When a candidate thought a question on ‘the sustainability or otherwise of the claim to human exceptionalism’ was asking about environmental sustainability. (The results hung together better than one might expect.)
    • What the people were thinking who answered a question about pre-Seventeenth Century philosophy by writing about Descartes.
  • The Education Secretary’s recent concerns about exam questions:

    • That ‘explain’ might somehow, possibly, conceivably be read as a synonym for ‘justify’.1
  1. Although I will grant that the question sounds more obviously like one of psychology or sociology than of religious studies.

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