Wrestling the Anti-Hydra

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Keele may have got a reprieve, but with impeccable timing, managers at Greenwich have decided to debase themselves in turn:

Students with a place to study Philosophy at Greenwich University are going to have to think again after the subject has been earmarked for closure. A senior staff member said a recommendation has been made to close down the the B.A. Philosophy course with ‘immediate effect’.

While applicants are suddenly discovering that their offers have been withdrawn, staff at Greenwich are reportedly finding themselves up against a wall of near-silence:

The management are recommending that the Philosophy B.A. be closed down. This recommendation has to pass through the Academic Planning Committee before it is formally set in stone (but this is only a formality unless we can interrupt it). The Philosophy team were not invited to take part in any of the discussions leading up to this decision, and they have not been presented with any written document detailing the argument for the closure of the programme. The partial statistics that were presented at a school meeting yesterday are out of date and do not in any obvious way support the decision. We have requested proper documentation from the Head of School, but have still not received it.

The obligatory online petition exists. This is certainly a fascinating time to be a postgrad. philosopher, assuming that one happens to be fascinated by thinking about how to secure a non-academic career.

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