Robert Seddon

I’ve been variously called provocative (editorially), a cynic (during a first date), and scary (by people clearly not too intimidated to tell me that, or at least tell my friends that), with a relish for oddball research questions (by a colleague in our postgrad. days). Though the appraisal I mostly hear is “You’re so tall.”

I’m an ethicist with particular interests in culture and heritage. When I did my doctoral research that largely meant monuments and museum pieces, and often it still does, but a lot of my work deals with aspects of how modern culture is saturated with modern technology. So I’ve written on contested antiquities and on video gaming ethics; on historic landscapes and on space exploration; on cities of the future and how they might incorporate their pasts.

I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Durham, where I retain an Honorary Fellowship of the Department of Philosophy and membership of the Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage.