Robert Seddon

I’ve been variously called provocative (editorially), a cynic (during a first date), and scary (by people clearly not too intimidated to tell me that, or at least tell my friends that), with a relish for oddball research questions (by a colleague in our postgrad. days). Though the appraisal I mostly hear is “You’re so tall.”

I’m an ethicist with particular interests in culture and heritage, and some technology along the way: from contested antiquities to outer space.

I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Durham, where I retain an Honorary Fellowship of the Department of Philosophy and membership of the Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage.

I jostle for living space with my own library, and like to explore strange realms of the imaginary (hence the research strand in the philosophy of computer gaming). If I had a toolshed there would be words and concepts and ideas neatly hanging everywhere inside, and the view from within would show a long and winding garden path to the wild woods beyond.