Robert Seddon

I’ve been variously called provocative (editorially), a cynic (during a first date), and scary (by people clearly not too intimidated to tell me that, or at least tell my friends that), with a relish for oddball research questions (by a colleague in our postgrad. days). Though the appraisal I mostly hear is “You’re so tall.”

I received my Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Durham, where I am currently an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Philosophy and a member of the Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage.

My philosophical interests coalesce around what is sometimes called ‘ethics, broadly construed’—the predicament of living and therefore wondering how to live. Culture (also fairly broadly construed) has been a major theme since my doctoral studies.

I jostle for living space with my own library, and like to explore strange realms of the imaginary (hence the research sideline in the philosophy of computer gaming). If I had a toolshed there would be words and concepts and ideas neatly hanging everywhere inside, and the view from within would show a long and winding garden path to the wild woods beyond.