The Sizzle of Space

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I interviewed Tony Milligan (K.C.L.) about the ethics of space exploration for Pod Academy. It was his work on cultural value in space I built on/responded to in my piece for Commercial Space Exploration: Ethics, Policy and Governance, and as things turned out we were co-contributors to that volume, so it was particularly interesting to have the opportunity to meet him. The interview touches on the cultural significance of places, along with environmental and political/economic aspects of space ethics. Hopefully my transcription came out okay: what I was hearing as ‘the sizzle of space’ confused me until I tracked down the term ‘cislunar space’.

2020 Foresight

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Out of 2077-inspired curiosity I picked up the Cyberpunk 2020 Bundle of Holding, which is why I find myself reading a sourcebook from 1994 called the Rough Guide to the U.K. Its ‘brief recent history’ begins thus: The United Kingdom has been going through some turbulent times recently.

(It continues, only slightly less accurately: The Scottish uprising in 2016 started the rot...)

Right Or Not?

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Everyone’s a post-election haruspex, and the pundits have it that Corbyn drew the ‘youth vote’.

Remember back in 2014, when headlines (about a Demos/Ipsos MORI report) included Is this Generation Right? and Why are young people so Right-wing?

Or this February, even, following an academic pol. sci. study. Young people are now more right-wing and authoritarian in their views than previous generations. Young Britons are even more right-wing now than they were under Margaret Thatcher.

So what happened? Update: nothing, apparently.

HTTPd Problems

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A new upgrade to the Hiawatha Web server from the PPA appears to be completely broken. Lighttpd is being used as a fallback to keep the site up while I investigate and decide what to do. If anything non-functional appears (most likely when attempting HTTPS connections), incomplete configuration of the new server daemon is the likely cause.

Update: okay, it turns out the newer version of Hiawatha disliked the Interface = :: line in my configuration. Judging by a comment I left in the file, I originally added it to fix IPv6 problems, so the site is currently unavailable over IPv6. Now working on that...

Update: oh, joy. Binding to a specific IPv6 address encounters boot problems. What I’m now trying is two bindings for each port, the first with no specified interface, the second with Interface = :: set.


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