Back and Forth

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From 2003 (the year I entered the University of Durham as an undergrad. fresher):

The atmosphere was sombre this week at Durham University’s Department of East Asian Studies. Despite very public protestations from former cabinet ministers, senior diplomats, eminent academics and the business community, the department is now certain to be abolished when the final cohort of students graduates... Staff in the department, however, fear that the cash-driven decision will have damaging international consequences by irreparably diminishing Britain’s historical links with East Asia.
Times Higher Education Supplement

From a bulletin by the current Vice-Chancellor in 2012:

We welcomed His Excellency Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United Kingdom, to launch our reconfigured and expanding Chinese studies BA programme... This programme, run from Modern Languages but involving other Departments including History and Government and International Affairs, enables many more students to study Chinese language and culture as a degree, as well as to learn the language in addition to their ongoing studies.

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