OvARtaken, Part 2

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Every time I write on AR I find stuff I want to catch up with before the text has even made it through editorial.

An established team of augmented reality (AR) developers are planning to “unite physical and virtual worlds” by creating Digital Land that can be bought, sold, rented or leased. Arcona believes AR – and its upcoming ecosystem – can benefit a plethora of industries, with uses that extend far beyond its most common application: gaming. For example, the construction sector could use AR to show their clients how a project will look upon completion, while the tourism trade has the opportunity to enthrall visitors by recreating lost historical objects.

(Guess which bit is germane to my work.) For what it’s worth I think the commercial aspect sounds pretty weird—not entirely weird, because it’s basically virtual world economics over again, but why treat AR space as though it had only one layer...?

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