Pandemic Pensées

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  1. Not mocking armchair philosophy now, are they?

  2. On the other hand, the damage to British philosophy of all the pub closures is probably incalculable.

  3. This of all governments has finally created a continental European culture in Britain: rigid, top-down, forbidden-unless-permitted rules, selectively obeyed.

  4. If a maskless face is uncovered even if covered in facial hair, can a face be covered and uncovered at the same time? Is a beard considered part of the face/head or does hair grow on the head? Is hair part of the head however long it grows? Does that imply a human head can be several feet tall? Or does sufficiently long hair divide into a head part and a non-head part? Can we reconcile these thoughts within traditional frameworks of reasoning or will we need... fuzzy logic? (B’dum-tish!)

  5. In a way it’s tragic how little my daily life has actually been affected by this. There was a temporary shortage of cottage cheese, and I’m not looking forward to videoconferencing before the barbers reopen, but I’d have been sitting at home typing anyway. Nowadays that makes me one of the lucky ones.

  6. I hope code reviews will endure as a journalistic genre. Perhaps they’ll develop into their own thing, like parliamentary sketches.

  7. The guides to socially distanced socialising I can do without though. Don’t tell me how not to approach people at parties...

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